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This website collects personal information from its users.

Data controller:
Ominide Studio di Leonardo Agostini, Via XX Settembre 50, 06034 Foligno (PG) Italy, P.Iva 03771400540, Cod.Fisc. GSTLRD93C29D653V

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The data collected and processed on this site are processed in accordance with the rules set out in the GDPR, the European Personal Data Protection Regulation. Unless otherwise stated, the data will only be used for the purposes stated, will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used to carry out the tasks necessary to provide the service. You may contact us at any time to ask what data we hold about you and to request its rectification or deletion. The latter is only possible if it does not interfere with storage obligations imposed by tax or legal regulations. At the end of the business relationship, your data will be deleted, unless otherwise required by law.

The site uses cookies for statistical purposes, computer security and, above all, to enable the operation of the portal which restricts access to the members’ area without the user having to leave and re-enter each time.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy periodically and users should check this document to keep up to date.