We are a creative collective realising bespoke projects in the name of sociality and sustainability .

We believe in dialogue as vital source of creativity. We like to bring in mind that the human being is primarily a social animal, and just later asocial media one.

We harness the power of ditigal tools to match the needs and reality
floating around in daily life.

We propose a brand selection in line with our values and vision.
We create commercial and marketing strategies and they are customised so that our partners can be ready to debut on international markets..

We create marketing and communications projects, organize bespoke events to grow the business of our customers and achieve their goals. We create networks building opportunities.

A phisical and digital marketplace where
we offer the user an immersive experience
inside our concept of lifestyle: Fashion, Food&Beverage,



ominide SHOWS SS24


12-15 June

An exclusive event where to submerge into the Ominide world and
its philosophy.

In the Renaissance setting of Florence, Ominide will introduce a selection of
brands representing its

interpretation of lifestyle.


18-20 JULY

Meetings, contaminations and cultural exchanges

Exhibition booth at the
Italian Fashion Days in Korea fair where

we will display the Ominide Selection.


23-26 July

Meeting days

Meeting with buyers, showrooms,
experts of Asian fashion
We will build relations and

open new distribution channels,

learn how our cultures are

mutually enriching each other.

our services

boost your business and dominate new markets!

Our team deems of the utmost importance to analize the brand with regards to the market where it operates and the commercial goals of the entrepreneur and their managers.
Business intelligences enable us to grasp the opportunities and critical issues of each operation and to understand in advance how to define a performing and winning strategy.
We aim to monetise the existing customers database as much as possible and to expand it by acquiring new contacts and business partners thus increasing the reach and influence of the brand.
Ominide Showroom features a deep experience in fairs and events, we lead companies during all stages, from the creation to the follow up of new customers’ contacts.


Bespoke market reports and business intelligences.


Create new customers and nurture the exhisting database


Organisation of fairs and events


Support with shipping and logistics across international markets


Sales campaign creation, management and reporting


Rebranding in line with the core values of the target markets


“alone you go faster together we go further”. We belive in connections between professionals, we want to give birth to a network of contacts which could create a far-reaching business impact, without limits or borders, not for its implementation nor for its territoriality


“A travelling companion in the creation of marketing and communication projects and in the organisation of events.

“Representing a style icon and being the place where to look for it, breath it, even live it

“Create a creative collective of artists, visionaries, professionals, talented young people or simply FOOLS.


Marta ceccarini

leonardo agostini

andrea di biagio

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