Ominide features a creative and technical department whose task is designing and developing bespoke communication campaigns in the form of audiovisual, digital or hybrid content.

The content created will be used to improve sales performance on all channels, the image and fruition of the brand online/offline and can also be made available to the brand for any unrelated use.

In the case of online sales the first impression is the only thing that matters: if you make a mistake in the communication, the customer is not “locked” in our shop but is one click away from the competition!

It is therefore essential to create an incisive communication that works on both impulse purchases and returning customers and takes into account a clear and coherent identity of both the product and the seller.


This is what happens when fashion experts meet a young team of tech experts: Ominide is an aggregator of “fashion addicts” sharing experiences, projects and contacts for a sustainable business development of their companies.

The typical bricks-and-mortar show-room is combined with a virtual one thus reducing production costs for samples, travel, transfers and space rentals at international trade fairs.

We start from a study and a deep knowledge of markets, distribution channels and the mechanisms that govern them.

We have understood the importance of detecting the signs of change in time and building a physical-digital network that is both multi-lingual and multi-channel.

A sales network operating locally will be supported by a single cutting-edge digital platform.


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