Prosac Alwaysmile was founded in 2013 and today is one of the leading companies in the market of fashion accessories and handcrafted vests in Italy, Europe, Canada and Japan with more than 100 B2B customers worldwide.
Our customers are select shops, boutiques and department stores such as Maison Simons in Canada and Hirmer in Germany.

Bravaa is a stylistic project born in 2019 from the brilliant and creative mind of Gabriele Concetti, a well-known Italian designer.
Bravaa is able to understand the trends and all the needs of the contemporary woman.
Its technical fabrics and natural fibers give lightness and comfort to garments that are futuristic but trendy.

LC ^ DR is the new stylistic project of Alessandro Gramolini, a true icon of Italian fashion, former creative director of very important brands such as Care Label, La Martina, Sixty and many others.

LC ^ DR is a counter-current brand, the result of an artistic collective and an invitation to rediscover the strength and beauty of our dreams and memories.
LC ^ DR derives from the French “Les Chambres des rêves” and is a hymn to Italian neoclassical style, themes and patterns.

OFFICINA36: A passion that has been handed down from generation to generation. Our story starts in 1938 when the municipality of Mondolfo issues the commercial license number 36 to Marco Pelinga’s grandfather, Amedeo.
Inspired by the origins, in 2009 Marco founded the Officina36 brand: the men’s fashion project that represents the entrepreneurial spirit of the family where father and son daily confront each other.

Why buy ADNO shoes?

“Aftersurfing” defines the function of our shoes and describes their characteristics in three words.

Lightness, comfort and functionality: These are the points that all ADNO shoes have in common.

ADNO is inspired by the surfing lifestyle and the feeling of wearing shoes is that of walking on the sand.

Memory’s LTD is the stylistic project that perfectly embodies the pure soul of Mr. Alessandro Marchesi, Master of Denim and Vintage.


The ecological aspect is always the key point of Memory’s philosophy, using the existing is in fact the most eco-sustainable and authentic way to create fashion.

The soul of Silted’s new FW22 collection must be searched in the point where the breathtaking life of the surfer challenges the elegant balance of Italian tailoring tradition, between the wind of the ocean and the comfort of the city.

It is a strong connection between beauty and risk, between precision and hazard, between millimetric control and freedom.
The idea of a Silted Surf Club is born from the creative symbiosis of surf and tailoring.

“World of Color” is a brand that perfectly translates modern and avant-garde stylistic canons.

The collection embodies a streetwear and workwear soul, a perfect and ideal combination for the needs of contemporary men and women.

This new and comfortable elegance is allowed thanks to the use of high quality technical and natural fabrics that are mixed and reinterpreted in minimal and futuristic garments.